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Nina Lutz Art

Holiday Wooden Ornaments

Holiday Wooden Ornaments

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Custom painted wood ornaments! Ornaments are double sided and painted with gouache paint on balsawood and glossed over with a weather resistant varnish.

Pick from available examples, include your choice in the notes or in an email. If you have a custom design in mind, include your idea in the note or in an email to me, but please understand I might not be able to do something with a highly detailed silhouette- I cut all the designs by hand! Have a back up design from one of the ornaments pictured.

This year I am offering ornaments to compliment your pet's design. These will be smaller and less complex designs. Exampels are featured in the photos with orange and yellow backgrounds. Other options can include: snowman, milk and cookies, shooting stars, moon, presents, hot cocoa, gingerbread man. If you would like something not included on this list, I would need to approve it to be sure I can do it! (again, I hand-cut everything!). Please reach out if you're interested in these additional ornaments, as it is too confusing to list on my site!

Up to two pets per ornament on stocking design and sled design.

Send additional photos to if you need!

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Designs are final and no edits will be made. Digital files are available if you contact and request yours! Files are usuable for personal printing, if you're interested in commmercial printing, additional fees will be charged.

Illustrations are completed within 3-4 weeks time from order.